Welcome to Henry County High School Library

Henry County High School Library is in the center of the A, B, C, and D buildings and is easily accessible to everyone. It is spacious and aesthetically pleasing with a fully automated check-in and check-out system. The card catalog (OPAC) is accessible on any computer in the building to look up library holdings. The holdings of the library contain nearly 10,600 volumes of books, 1042 e-books (TEL), and 712 DVDs. Along with access to e-books, Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) offers a collection of 70+ databases Gale Research Databases that provide access to magazines, journals, newspaper articles, essays, podcasts, videos, e-books, tests preps, and primary source materials. In addition, the library has The Scholastic New York Times Upfront Magazine in both print and digital access for the latest current events in government, world news, debates, primary sources, history, life and culture, and so much more! In the library there are 37 computers available to students and teachers to use during the day for research and assignments as well as two (2) classrooms equipped with multimedia projector for presentations or computer/TV monitor setup. One (1) computer lab in the school is also available to teachers and may be reserved​​​​​​​ through the library website. Teachers also have access to DVD players, multi-media projectors, screens, speakers, and headphones for check-out.


Students may come to the library anytime with a pass from a teacher. Library lunch passes are available in the cafeteria during all lunches. All students must sign in when entering the library.

The library is open to all teachers and staff. Class visits must be requested ahead of time, so please email or call the librarian to request a time for your students to visit.

 Procedures for Reconsideration of Instructional/Library Materials

Students, teachers, and parents, who have concerns or complaints regarding the alleged inappropriate subject matter of instructional and/or library materials, must follow the following procedures to challenge the use of these materials:

Step 1: Complete the Request for Reconsideration of Instructional/Library Materials form and submit the completed form and any information which supports the concerns or complaints to the library media specialist or principal.

Step 2: The completed form and supporting information will be submitted to the ad hoc Materials Review Committee (certified library media personnel, principal, representatives from classroom teachers, one or more parents, and may include one or more students), who will review the complaint or concern within fifteen (15) working days, and notify the appropriate supervisor and superintendent that such review is being conducted.

Step 3: If the findings of the Materials Review Committee are unsatisfactory, the Complainant may appeal to the Henry County School Board.


-Books may be checked-out for 14 days and may be renewed twice.

-Certain reference materials may not be available for check out.

-Students should return books on time. We do not charge late fines.

-All lost and damaged books will be charged a replacement fee.

Dr. Susan Davis

Dr. Susan Davis
HCHS Library Information Specialist


7:50 am – 3:15 pm